The report office is run by the Specialist office against Antisemitism in the NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne.

The specialised unit can be divided into three sub-areas: Reporting Office, Counselling and Education. The reporting center aims to record and document anti-Semitic incidents in Cologne. In addition, another focus of the reporting office is to support victims of anti-Semitic crimes.

For instance, we can help you with the following…

  • …reporting an offense.
  • …finding suitable legal counsel.
  • …dealing/communicating with the authorities.
  • …the submission of applications or claims (e.g. claims for compensation, applications for legal aid).
Strong allies you can rely on

Other support services can be individually arranged as appropriate in the specific case. The reporting office is guided solely by the wishes and needs of the reporting party: We will never take any action without your explicit consent!

Naturally, we will hold your data in strict confidence. We will only pass on your personal data with your consent. Antisemitic incidents also can be reported to us anonymously.

In the Counseling subarea of competence, the specialist unit provides psychosocial support for victims of antisemitism. Should you need any such services following an antisemitic incident, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Education is a further area of competence of the specialist unit: If you are interested in our wide range of educational options on the topic of antisemitism, please contact the Education team.

All of the services offered by the reporting office are available long term and free of charge.